Our Pricing

We are a true Mom & Pop shop, what we all love and miss. Always positive and always willing. Our goal is to earn your trust and keep your business.

  1. Service Menu:
    5k service $150 10k service $150 Labor Only
  2. Oil Change
    Engine oil & filter $20 Engine, trans., primary fluid change $60 Fork oil change $60-$210 Labor Only
  3. Tire & Brakes
    Tire change on bike (Subject to size) $60-$90 Tire change off bike $30 Brake pads front or rear $12-$30 Wheel bearing replacement $30-$60 Labor Only
  4. Parts
    Chrome or powder coated front ends: Front end kits $180-$270 Controls: Switch housings or controls $30-$150 Handle bars $60-$540 Labor Only
  5. Exhaust/Air cleaner Mufflers $30-$60 Full exhaust system $120-$180 Air cleaner kit $30-$60 Labor only